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Name – Abir Chatterjee

Date of Birth – 18/11/1980

Native Place – Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Profession – Bengali Film and Television Actor

Family – Phalguni Chatterjee (Father), Rumki Chatterjee (Mother), Nandini Chatterjee (Ex-wife)

Proloy….aasche, Shomoy, Bhool and Mom Ronge Somudro, Scandal and Atithi, Ballavpurer Rupkatha

10:10 (2008), Cross Connection (2009), Byomkesh Bakshi (2010), Bedroom (2012), Kahaani (2012), Abar Byomkesh (2012), Aborto (2013), Kanamachi (2013), Asbo Arekdin (2013), Bangali Babu Desi Mem (2014), The Royal Bengal Tiger (2014), Hrid Majharey (2014), Chaar (2014), Byomkesh Phire Elo (2014), Ebar Shabor (2015), Agantuker Pore (2015), Abby Sen, Aagun, Rajkahini and Jomer Raja Dilo Bor (2015)

Wikipedia – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abir_Chatterjee

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AbirChatterjee.bengalistar

Twitter – https://twitter.com/itsmeabir

IMDb – www.imdb.com/name/nm3374672/

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